Environmentally Responsible Engineered Wood Door Stiles and Rails

Our products are only a small part of what makes our company unique. We take an environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing our stiles and rails.

Some of the advantages of our processes are:
  • We strive to procure all forest products from vendors that are certified by the FSC or Forestry Stewardship Council.
  • We use scrap lumber that would otherwise be thrown away and convert it into a core that is stronger and longer lasting than the original wood could ever be.
  • From core material to exposed wood, our process produces less wood as waste material. Our dust and shavings go into a form of litter which eventually finds its way back into the earth.
  Engineered stiles and rails

It is important for us to be a good steward of our natural resources and that we make as small of an impact on the environment as possible. We have a stile and rail system for you!