Warranty Information

All door components will be free from defects that would render them unfit for the purpose of manufacturing a door for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. All products must be inspected upon receipt. Any piece found to have a defect should be rejected immediately and no modification from the original form should be performed. All pieces should be properly sealed on all six (6) sides (where exposed) within 48 hours of the door’s installation.

Allowable tolerances for components are as follows:
All wood products are subject to nominal warpage. Warpage will not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4″ in the plane of the stile up to and including 8′0″ in length. The term Warpage or warp shall include bow, cup, and twist, hi measuring the warpage the following method shall be used: placing a straightedge, or taut string on the concave face of the stile. The measurement of amount of bow, cup, or twist shall be made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straightedge and the face of the stile. Creative Door Stiles Inc. follows AWI national standards for quality assurance.

Exclusions from this limited warranty are as follows:
1: Any piece used in a radius application.
2: Are longer than 8′ in length.
3: Were repaired, replaced, or returned without prior written consent from Creative Door Stiles Inc.
4: Were not properly sealed
5: Any part painted or stained a dark color.
6: Were not properly stored before use (i.e.) not lain on a flat surface.
7: Any stiles less than 3-1/2” thick will not be warranted for bowing or warping unless lvl core is used.

Further, the wood used in manufacturing is a naturally occurring material, therefore, variations in color, texture, and grain pattern are not considered defects. Pin knots are not considered defects. Surface checking of wood and joint shrinkage are not considered defects. Some species of wood are naturally prone to splintering or blowout during profiling. If such a blowout, splintering, or tearing of wood grain occurs as a customer profiles a stile edge, it is not covered under this warranty.

Creative Door Stiles Inc. will at its option (1) repair the product without charge, (2) replace the product at no charge in the same state of fit and finish as it was originally supplied, or (3) refund the purchase price to the original purchaser.

Creative Door Stiles Inc. will not be responsible for any other cost incurred in the replacement of the defective part. (i.e.) manufacture of a new door, finish, removal, rehanging, labor cost, or shipping cost of any material used in the manufacture of a new door.

Inspecting your order:
Please open the crate and inspect your materials immediately upon arrival. If any items are damaged or defective, contact Creative Door Stiles Inc. immediately at 770-345-1053.

Defective or damaged materials must be returned to Creative Door Stiles Inc. for inspection. Creative Door Stiles Inc. requires pre-authorization for the return of any materials. All returned items must be returned in the same condition as the customer received them, no marks, scrapes, saw cuts, paint, stain, shaping, and/or other alterations will be accepted. Items must remain dry and must be returned in a six-sided protective crate. Contact Creative Door Stiles Inc. for further information on the return of materials.

updated 7/13/24

Freight Damage Claims:
If the crates, bundles, or materials show visible signs of damage, open them immediately and check the contents for physical damage. Ask the driver to inspect the contents with you. Write a precise description of the damage on both your copy and the freight carrier’s copy of the freight bill prior to signing for the receipt of goods. Photos documenting damage are helpful, therefore, if possible, please take photos of the damaged crates, bundles, or materials while the driver is still with you. Have the driver acknowledge the damage and sign both copies of BOL/delivery receipt. Both signed delivery receipts must include an indication of the damage. After the delivery, contact Creative Door Stiles Inc. customer service at 770-345-1053 to report the damage and submit a replacement purchase order. You should retain the damaged freight until the claim is completely settled. Failure to keep damaged freight will void any freight claim with the carrier. The freight carrier may have an inspector examine the damaged freight. Please note that an inspection report and/or notation of damage on the freight receipt is not a claim. You must notify Creative Door Stiles Inc. to file a claim for visible damage immediately.
Thank you.